Invited Speakers

Dr. Haiyang Xin
CocoRobo, China

Haiyang Xin, Ph.D. graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Information Engineering. His main research areas are educational technology, STEM education and project-based learning.

He has been selected as one of the "Peacock Plan" of Shenzhen Overseas High-level Talents, and has been appointed as an expert lecturer of the National Training Program for STEM Courses of East China Normal University, a researcher of the Research Center for Cultural Innovation and Development of Shanghai Jiaotong University, a project expert of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen).

He has cooperated with South China Normal University, Tianjin University, Guangdong Provincial Institute of Education, Shenzhen Institute of Education, etc. on a number of ministerial and provincial research projects. He has translated and published "DIY Open Source Hardware: A Practical Guide for Makers", written "STEM Curriculum Design and Implementation" and "Exploration of Primary and Secondary Education Based on the 3SE Model", etc. He has also published many papers in top conferences and journals in the field of information technology and has been granted several authorized patents.